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College Credits at
Discovery Early College High School

Earn an Associates Degree or up to 60 College Credits

All DHS students, must be residents of Springfield, Massachusetts and can earn an associates degree or up to 60 credits while with us. At DHS, students begin taking college courses their freshman year and can take up to 3 college courses a semester. Students who are interested in earning an associates degree can defer graduation for a year in order to fulfill their degree program requirements.

Graduation Hat Throw

College Credits Earned

Fall 21-Spring 23

WHY Early College?

At DHS we understand the barriers students/families may face when making decisions on attending college. As a Riverhawk, students take college courses, starting their freshman year, to ease the transition from high school to college. Dual enrollment also allows students to enter college already having earned college credits which can significantly lower the cost of college for families, while working toward earning their high school diploma. 

Students at DHS take college classes geared to their future plans. Every student's scheduled is hand made by a team consisting of a teacher, administrator and guidance counselor. The team takes full consideration into the pathways students and their families have decided the student will take to their after high school goal. DHS does not offer AP courses because students take the actual college course to earn the credit. Every college credit earned will also count toward high school graduation requirements. 

DHS Schools (majors)

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(Computer Science & IT)

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Interactive Medias

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