Academic Excellence Policy

Grades for Discovery High School students represent their mastery of knowledge and content in the subject areas. A student’s possession of content knowledge guides his or her success in applying the knowledge in performance assessments. In the course syllabus, teachers specify the expectations for a passing grade. 


Grade 9-12 Promotion Requirements

  •  Students must earn 4 credits each in English, Mathematics and Electives, 3 credits each of Science, Social Studies/Social Sciences, 2 credits each of Foreign Language and Physical Education, 1 credit each of Fine Arts and Technology, and .5 credit of Health.

  • Students who fail to earn the credit of a class must attend summer school to receive additional hours of instruction in the course and the chance to raise the failing grade to a passing grade.

  • A student who fails to earn the credit of a course during the school year and summer school may be required to repeat the entire year-long class. This decision will be based on the individual circumstances. 


*Students who receive grades below 73 percent or “C-,” have not mastered the course material, and thus are at risk of entering into academic probation.


Probation and Dismissal

Students who fail to meet and/or maintain the minimum cumulative GPA required for good standing are placed on academic probation and are subject to the following restrictions:

  • they may not participate in extracurricular athletics, clubs, and/or jobs; and

  • they may not register for additional college courses; and

  • they may not submit work permits; and

  • they may not serve on any governance committees of Discovery High School.


Failure to improve the GPA and regain good standing after two regular academic semesters (Fall and Spring) will result in academic dismissal and separation from Discovery High School. Students dismissed from Discovery High School for academic deficiency may not register for or attend classes at Discovery High School until 12 months have elapsed. Readmitted students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for each semester following their return. Failure to maintain a 2.0 semester GPA will result in a second separation from Discovery High not subject to appeal.