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Academic Excellence Policy

Competencies for Discovery Early College High School students represent their mastery of knowledge and content in the subject areas. A student’s possession of content knowledge guides his or her success in applying the knowledge in performance assessments. In the course syllabus, teachers specify the expectations for a passing grade. 


Grade 9-12 Promotion Requirements

  •  Students must earn 4 credits each in English, Mathematics and Electives, 3 credits each of Science, Social Studies/Social Sciences, 2 credits each of Foreign Language and Physical Education, 1 credit each of Fine Arts and Technology, and .5 credit of Health.

  • Students who fail to earn the credit of a class must attend summer school to receive additional hours of instruction in the course and the chance to raise the failing grade to a passing grade.

  • A student who fails to earn the credit of a course during the school year and summer school may be required to repeat the entire year-long class. This decision will be based on the individual circumstances. 


*Students who receive grades below a 2,” have not mastered the course material, and thus are at risk of entering into academic probation.


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