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DHS Community Norms

Community Norms

  • Students are expected to be at school by 7:30am. (Reminder that every 3 school tardies becomes an absence) 

  • Students are responsible for getting their missed work from the teacher. Teachers will provide a clear location for missed assignments.  

Movement to class 

  • All students take the direct route to class via the hallway.

  • Students must be in class and seated on time.

  • Students can’t use the bathroom during transitions or in the first and last five minutes of class.

  • Students must stay inside the boundaries of DHS. A pass is required by every student who needs to go to another room using our E-Hall Pass procedure. (Such as the bathroom, main office, nurses office, etc.)

 Cell Phone Policy

The School Committee has banned the use of personal cell phones, PCDs and other types of electronic devices during the academic school day. Students may possess and carry cell phones and PCDs; however, these units must be completely turned off (not simply on silent or vibrate mode) during the academic day. The “academic school day” is defined as the start of the school day and throughout the day until the last hour/bell is over. Students are permitted to use cell phones only during the following times: before and after school hours outside or inside the school building and at after-school or sports activities, only with the permission of the coach, instructor, or program director, during lunch break and transitions to class. The purpose is to ensure that disruptions and interference of the instructional academic climate of the school does not occur. Text messages, use of social media and photo transmissions are covered by this policy.


Students who violate this policy shall face disciplinary action by the administration including confiscation of the cell phone, PCD or other type of electronic device as follows:

If school personnel hear or see any cell phones, PCDs or other electronic devices as defined above being used by a student, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:


First Offense:

• Confiscation of the device to be returned to student no earlier than the end of the school day.

Second Offense:

• Detention

• Administration will schedule a conference with the parent/guardian.

• The confiscated device will be returned to parent/guardian after the parent conference.

Third Offense:

• Two-day In-House Suspension

• Confiscation of the device to be returned to parent or guardian at the end of two (2) weeks

Repeated Violations:

• Students may be subject to additional disciplinary action, consistent with the Code of Conduct.

• Confiscation of the device to be returned to parent or guardian at a minimum of at least one month.

Use of cell phones, PCDs or other types of electronic devices to take pictures is not permitted on school property without the expressed consent of the administration and the expressed consent of the individual whose photo, picture, or electronic image is taken.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

– Margaret J. Wheatley

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