DHS Sports

Eligibility for participation in all extracurricular activities is determined at the end of each marking period. To be eligible to play sports, a student must achieve a minimum grade of 1.67 in all subjects. More than one failure (F) automatically disqualifies a student from participation. The year-end cumulative mark is used to determine eligibility during the first marking period of the following school year. Marks earned during the summer may be applied to improve the year-end cumulative marks.​

Varsity sports will be played in conjunction with other larger Springfield Public Schools high schools. We will offer club sports such as golf and rowing on our campus. 


Please see Coach Johnson for more information.

Students will need to complete the following :

  • SignUp to play a below

  • MIAA Part A Form 

  • Updates Physical (within the last year)

  • Family ID Registered Account

  • Medication Order (if Applicable)

High School Sport Opportunities


Football - Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman

Soccer (Boys & Girls) - Varsity

Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity

Cross Country (Boys & Girls) - Varsity

Cheerleading - Varsity


Basketball (Boys) - Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshman

Basketball (Girls) - Varsity, Junior Varsity

Indoor Track - Varsity

Swimming (Co-op) with High School of Science & Technology - Varsity

Wrestling (Co-op) with Putnam Vocational Technical High School - Varsity


Baseball - Varsity

Softball - Varsity

Track & Field - Varsity

Volleyball (Boys) - Varsity, Junior Varsity

Lacrosse- Varsity

Tennis- Varsity